Can I bring my dog on the boat? Are they allowed on Monhegan?

  • Yes, for a $10 fee, you may bring your dog on the boat, but please have them leashed or kenneled. Dogs are allowed on the island, however, island residents would prefer you leave your dog at home. You must pick up after your dog.HardyBoat2009 024

Is it cooler on the water?

  • The surface water temperature reaches about 63 degrees in the height of the summer. On the warmest of days, it can feel refreshing and a much needed break from the heat. On other days it can feel quite chilly. We recommend that you dress in layers so you can take off or put on what you need to feel comfortable.

Do you ever see whales?

  • Yes! We often see Minke Whales and Porpoise as we navigate through the waters of Muscongus Bay. On rare occasion we have seen Right Whales, Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, Pilot Whales and White-sided Dolphin. Sorry, we do not offer Whale Watches.

Do you need to make reservations?

  • We recommend reservations for all our trips. The Monhegan Island Ferry and the Puffin Watch require reservations well in advance of your trip. For our other trips, reservations can be made a few days ahead of time or even the morning of your trip.

Is the boat handicap accessible?

  • Yes! We can accommodate individuals with ambulatory challenges and those in collapsible wheel chairs. Motorized wheel chairs are too big and heavy to navigate our ramp and docking system. We suggest for those individuals, if at all possible, using a lightweight wheel chair. Please call ahead of time to be sure that we can accommodate your needs.

Is there food and drink available on the boat?

  • Yes! Stacie works very hard to keep the galley stocked with healthy snacks and drinks. In the morning you can expect to find Fred’s famous cinnamon buns (Yum!) and home baked muffins. We serve organic, fair trade teas and coffee all day. Other snacks you can IMG_2462expect to find are popcorn, organic chips in a variety of flavors, granola bars, organic chocolate bars, trail mix and peanut butter crackers. For drinks we offer juice, organic sodas, bottled water, ice tea, hot chocolate, beer and wine. We purchase our products through our local health food store, Rising Tide, so you can be sure that these are high quality healthy foods and drinks.

Do I need a tripod on the boat?

  • No! People often ask us what the best equipment is for taking photos of wildlife from our boat. Tripods are made to steady a camera but remember that the boat is a moving platform and therefore a tripod is not helpful. A good zoom is most helpful especially if you’re looking for a good picture of a puffin. They are small birds, only 10 inches tall.

Do you ever cancel trips?

  • The ferry service to Monhegan Island is very rarely canceled. The sea conditions would need to be so bad that we felt passenger safety was at risk. Our other trips are more subject to weather conditions. Please call us if you have any concerns about the weather.

Do you run your trips in the fog?

  • Yes! We have navigational equipment aboard that allows us to run safely in the fog.

How fast does the boat go?

Do people get seasick on the boat?ferry1

  • Seasickness is something someone suffers from or not and different sea conditions can affect people differently. If you know you suffer from any type of motion sickness, we suggest you take the necessary steps to avoid getting sick. Sea Bands are helpful to many people and ginger products are a fine homeopathic relief from the symptoms of motion sickness. Over the counter drugs include Dramamine and Bonine.

Do you sell seasickness medicine?

  • We sell Sea Bands and products such as ginger tea, ginger ale and ginger candies.

How is the boat able to maneuver through the lobster buoys?

  • The Hardy III was built with large cages that surround the propellers and prevent any rope from being entangled in the prop.


How long can I leave a car in the parking lot? How do I pay for long-term parking?

  • You may park your car for as long as needed. Please be aware that your parking fee ($5 per day) is collected up front and you should come prepared to cover that expense. Credit cards and personal checks are not accepted. Please pay with cash.

Is the parking lot safe?

  • Yes! The parking lot is in a residential area that is extremely safe. Please disarm your car alarm.

Do you need to reserve ahead for parking?

  • No.

Is there enough room to park a large RV/bus/camper?

  • Yes! If you plan to park a large vehicle in the field, please ask the parking attendant where to park. We do not park large vehicles in amongst the cars.

Who do I pay for parking?

  • In the summer months, there is a parking attendant that collects all parking fees. During the shoulder months, parking fees are collected at the ticketing booth on the dock.

Monhegan and Ferry Service

Do you charge for excessive baggage?ferry4

  • We do not charge for baggage required for your stay. Maximum 50 lbs. per bag/tote. We do charge for unusual items/ freight. Please call ahead if you are traveling with unusual items. See our baggage policy for more information.

Can I go to Monhegan and take a Puffin Watch in the same day?

  • Yes! During the summer months, you can join us everyday at 5:30pm for a Puffin Watch from New Harbor after your return from a day spent on Monhegan.

Are cars or bikes allowed on the island?

  • No.

How far is Monhegan from New Harbor?

  • Monhegan Island is approximately 9.8 miles Southeast of New Harbor.

Can I change my return time and date from the island?

  • Yes, if spaces are available. Please call no less than 24 hours ahead to change your return from Monhegan.

Can I purchase open ferry tickets?

  • We do not sell open tickets.

Are groceries available on the island?

  • Yes! You can find most necessities on the island.

Are there places to eat on Monhegan?

What is there to do on Monhegan?

  • Monhegan is a quiet island that offers beautiful hiking trails with magnificent views, a historical museum, an art museum, a lighthouse, swim beach and a myriad of artist studios. You can beach comb for sea glass along the shore or visit the shipwreck of the D.T. Sheridan. It truly is a place to unplug and enjoy. This is a great experience for kids!


When is the best time to see puffins?puffin1

  • The puffins arrive here on the coast of Maine by the end of April and typically migrate around Labor Day. Anytime from April through August is a great time!

Are puffins in danger of going extinct?

  • No! Worldwide, the population of Atlantic Puffins is thriving. Locally on the coast of Maine, they were hunted to virtual extinction for their meat, eggs and feathers. Thanks to Project Puffin their numbers increase from year to year.

Where do puffins go in the winter?

  • Until recently, this remained a mystery. Advances in technology have allowed researchers to attach geo-locators to puffins on the coast of Maine and track their activities in the winter months. These devices revealed a northward migration into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence followed by a shift southward to the U.S. Continental Shelf, off the coast of New York and New Jersey, before returning to Maine in the spring to breed. The tagged puffins spent a significant amount of their winter southeast of Cape Cod, an area known for its vast underwater canyons and seamounts. We look forward to learning more about the wintertime movements of puffins as the data become available.

How far is Eastern Egg Rock from New Harbor?

  • Eastern Egg Rock is about 5 miles east of New Harbor.

Are we able to walk around on Eastern Egg Rock?

  • No. Eastern Egg Rock is protected during the summer when the birds are nesting. Terns are known to lay their very well-camouflaged eggs in nondescript “nests” making them susceptible to being stepped upon. For other obvious reasons, the public is not allowed on Eastern Egg Rock during such a vulnerable time for this fragile nesting colony of birds.

Am I guaranteed to see puffins?

  • Yes! It is very rare that we don’t see puffins. The puffin population is now around 300 individuals. If by chance you don’t see puffins, we will give you another trip for free!

How close to the puffins do you get?

  • Puffins found on the rocks can be 100 feet or more from the boat. Often we find puffins in the water and they can be 20 or 30 feet from the boat.

Do you see puffins in the fog?

  • Yes! The puffins feel safe from predators in the fog; therefore, we find them relaxing and loafing at the waters surface.


How many seals can we expect to see?scan2

  • There are 50+ seals found at Weber’s Dry Ledge. The number we see varies from trip to trip depending on the tide and their behavior at any given moment. But we always see seals!

Will we see any baby seals?

  • Young pups abound during the summer months!

Are the seals here year round?

  • Some seals stay along the coast year round. They leave Weber’s Dry Ledge and move into warmer, sheltered waters. Most seals head south to Massachusetts and beyond.

Maine Coast SEal & Nature Cruisefall-in-long-cove

What can we expect to see?

  • This trip journeys around the undeveloped islands north of New Harbor. Old fish docks and fish houses still remain and the old village of Loudsville can be seen. Herons, osprey, eagles and other wildlife are often seen quietly fishing along the serene shores of these beautiful islands. The trees are starting to change color and mix with the dark green hue of the spruce trees.
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