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A visit to Monhegan Island has consistently placed in the top 10 list of things to see during your visit to Maine. Monhegan has long been known as one of the most beautiful islands along the Atlantic seaboard. Its unique light and legendary beauty have inspired a myriad of artists including George Bellows, James Fitzgerald, Robert Henri, Rockwell Kent and Jamie Wyeth. A solitary island 10 miles out to sea, Monhegan Island was once described as the “Crown Jewel of Muscongus Bay.” One of only 14 remaining year-round island communities along the Maine coast, Monhegan exists through a delicate balance of commercial fishing and tourism. In 1954, Ted Edison, son of the inventor, was instrumental in preserving ¾ of the island to remain “forever wild.” The “wild lands” of Monhegan are accessed through a 17-mile network of trails maintained by the Monhegan Associates.

The bird watching, hiking and artistic opportunities this creates are boundless and beyond compare.

Take a day trip and enjoy a 5-hour layover or immerse yourself in island culture at one of the many inviting accommodations. Come and explore the village, hiking trails, an old shipwreck, lighthouse museum, art studios and inspiring seaside cliffs.