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Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Youth Ages 2-12
Child Under 2
Dog Fare Must be leashed or kenneled.
Group Minimum of 30
Monhegan Residents 2021 resident rates are grandfathered into 2022. Please call to book.

Ferry Services between Monhegan Island & New Harbor

LIMIT: Each person is allowed 2 items under 50lb plus 1 personal item such as a purse or backpack. Pack as if you are going to the airport. Additional items are $5 per bag one way.

Please consolidate all your belongings into as few pieces of luggage as possible. We ask that you pack wisely and label your baggage clearly with your name and your island accommodation. Duct tape and sharpies work well and are weather proof. No one item can weigh more than 50 lbs (similar to most airlines). If you can not lift your own luggage into your car, it is probably too heavy. We recommend using plastic totes, sturdy suitcases, well constructed boxes and/or coolers.

As you pack, please keep in mind that all baggage handling from your car, to the boat, to the island dock, to the island trucks and finally to your accommodation is done by hand.


  • NO bungee cords. They are dangerous for crew and often come undone.
  • NO Ikea bags (the blue ones).
  • NO paper bags.
  • NO reusable grocery bags.
  • NO plastic shopping bags or trash bags.
  • NO open bags or boxes that stuff will fall out of.
  • NO wheeled carts or wagons (wheeled suit cases are fine.).
  • NO fishing hooks attached to fishing rods.
  • Please do not bring your own water. It is heavy to transport and is easily purchased on the Island.
  • Green Hardy Boat luggage tags are required on each item and are available at the dock. We require that you clearly mark each tag with the name of your accommodation. The tags help to facilitate efficient luggage handling on the island and prevent lost baggage.

What to know:

IF YOU’RE SPENDING THE DAY: Trash generated on the Island must be removed by boat and returned to the mainland. If you generate any trash while on the Island, please bring it back to the ferry for recycling and disposal. Pack in/Pack out.

RESTROOMS: Modern restrooms are available aboard the boat. We recommend you use these restrooms before departing on the Island and once you return to the boat. Public restrooms are available on the Island for a fee and are located behind the Monhegan House in the village.

ARRIVAL: Please arrive at the dock 45 minutes prior to departure. Allow for extra time to unload if you have luggage.

Pets: $20 each way (non resident) fee. Fee applies to non-resident dogs. The Island has limited ability to accommodate visiting dogs. All pets must be leashed or kenneled while aboard. If you bring your dog, you must be prepared to collect and remove all pet waste. Dogs must remain on a leash at all times.

Prohibited Items:

    Bicycles, per island request
  • Gasoline or Propane (per US Coast Guard)
  • Kayaks. They can be rented on the island FMI: @paddlemonhegan on FaceBook
  • No cars are allowed on the Island

SATURDAY FERRIES – Boats are extremely busy on Saturdays coming and going. Arrive early and have all luggage clearly marked.

All other freight will be charged. Please call ahead if you plan to bring something unusual.
Hardy Boat Cruises is not responsible for damaged, broken or lost luggage or freight.

Parking Info: Paid lot per day, per vehicle. Credit or cash accepted. $10 per day in May, June, September, and October. $20 per day in July and August. For multiple day and overnight parking, the parking fee is payable upon the first day of parking. Long term rates are available. Parking is located around the corner from the dock in a large grassy field. Upon paying for your parking, you will receive a parking validation. You will need to present your parking validation at the dock to collect your boat tickets. Please feel free to drive down to the dock to unload passengers and luggage before leaving your vehicle in the parking lot. The walk back to the dock is about 5 minutes. During the Spring and Fall, parking is payable at the ticket booth on the dock. The parking lot can accommodate buses, campers, RV’s and trailers.

2022 Long Term Parking Rates:
Weekly (7 days – July, August only) $75
Monthly (30 days): $250
Season (5 months): $750

Please Note:

You MUST purchase TWO one-way tickets to complete your round trip passage; tickets TO Monhegan Island departing New Harbor AND tickets TO New Harbor departing Monhegan Island.

You MUST book your IN-bound ferry TO New Harbor to complete your round trip service. In the next window, click the “Continue Shopping” button and select the ‘One-way TO New Harbor’.