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Special Cruises in New Harbor

Hardy Boat Cruises recognize the importance of using their boat as an educational platform for both the general public and educational institutions. In doing so, they have developed strong relationships with marine educators and National Audubon’s “Project Puffin.” Both of these organizations offer in-school programs, which culminate with the “hands on” experience of a field trip aboard the Hardy III. The in-school programs are not, however, a prerequisite for the educational cruise.  All cruises are fully narrated and highly educational on their own.

Our most popular school trip is a Puffin and Seal watch combination. This is a fun and educational trip for children of all ages. This 2-hour trip is fully narrated and we discuss the amazing lives of Puffins and Seals as they navigate the cold and frosty waters of the North Atlantic. The trip includes an excursion around Eastern Egg Rock, home to the Atlantic Puffins, and a trip to Webber’s Dry Ledge to visit a resident colony of Harbor Seals.

On the way to Eastern Egg Rock, we point out and discuss the marine life around us. Seals, Porpoise and Minke Whales are often sighted. Upon our arrival at Eastern Egg Rock, the narration changes it’s focus to the Atlantic Puffins and the tremendous and ongoing efforts to re-colonize this small rocky island. The onboard staff will locate and point out Puffins to teachers and students and be available to answer questions throughout the trip.

The cruise then takes us to Webber’s Dry Ledge to visit a seasonal colony of Harbor Seals. We will discuss the life history of these gregarious creatures and their impact on the local environment. Students will get a first hand understanding of the interdependency that exists between a migratory seabird colony, other bird species, and the marine ecosystem that surrounds it. Any trip can be customized to compliment classroom programs.

Call us if you have any creative ideas!

Educational Materials

Please utilize these educational materials for your students. They are uniquely adapted to the cruises we offer. Designed by our very own Kaden, who “moonlights” as a school teacher when he’s not on the boat with us!

Choose a Critter!
Fill in The Bay
Get to Know Grey and Harbor Seals!
Hardy Boat BINGO!
Learn a Little About Puffins
Color Your Own Puffin
Learn the Puffin Lifecycle
Recreate the Puffin Lifecycle
Native Americans of Muscongus Bay Reading
Native American Crossword Puzzle
Crossword Answer Key