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  • Wildlife and History!


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Adult Ages 13+
Youth Ages 2-12
Child Under 2
Dog Fare Must be leashed or kenneled.
Group Minimum of 30

Nature & Seal Watching Cruises in New Harbor

This fall coastal cruise is offered at the end of August through October. A wonderful time to visit Maine as the tourist crowds calm down but we still have warm days and lots of sights to enjoy. Even if it’s a cooler crisp day, you can warm up with some famous Monhegan coffee or other hot drinks available on board. This is a slower pace cruise where the captain and crew narrate, enhancing your experience with their local knowledge and even offer some one on one time!

This nature cruise ventures up into Muscongus Bay to give you a glimpse at some of the over 70 islands of the region. You will journey around the undeveloped islands north of New Harbor. Old fish docks and fish houses still remain and the old village of Loudsville can be seen. Herons, osprey, eagles and other wildlife are often seen quietly fishing along the serene shorelines. The trees are starting to change color and mix with the dark green hue of the spruce trees.

We travel past the birthplace of a famous Native American named Samoset, the summer cottage of two beloved children’s authors, sneak a peek at Franklin Island Lighthouse, and find out what a killick stone is used for! The stars of the show are found on Webber’s Dry Ledge, where we hope to find some frolicking harbor seals!

This is a wonderful trip not to be missed. Come and begin a family tradition of your own.

Book today to enjoy the Maine scenery on a coastal cruise around New Harbor.

Virtual Tour


Get a sneak peak of some of the things you might see and hear about on this popular fall Maine coast cruise. Each Captain provides their own unique narration so you can learn something different each time. Thanks to Captain Chad for sharing these highlights of his version of the cruise!


  • Loud’s Island – 1590, birthplace of Native American Samoset
  • Loud’s Island – 1607, first deeded land transfer in the New World
  • Loud’s Island – 1860, seceded from the United States
  • Thief Island – origin of name unknown
  • Franklin Island – 1807, lighthouse built, 3rd oldest in Maine
  • Franklin Light – John Lowell first keeper and stayed 23 years
  • Franklin Light – 1841, James Hanna appointed keeper with salary of $350/year
  • Haddock Island – bald eagles nest gets a bit bigger each year as part of mating ritual


  • Harbor seal scientific name: Phoca vitulina
  • Males average 5-6 feet and 250-300 pounds
  • Females average 5 feet and 200 pounds
  • Dive time up to 30 minutes
  • New England population approx. 100,000
  • Covered by 2 layers of coarse thick fur
  • Approx. 2 inches of fat or “blubber” wraps their body
  • Protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972
  • Live an average of 20-25 years
  • The famous seal “Andre” from Rockport, Maine, was a harbor seal