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  • Where family tradition begins


Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Youth Ages 2-12
Child Under 2
Dog Fare Must be leashed or kenneled.
Group Minimum of 30
Peak Season Pricing applicable from July 1-Labor Day

Seal Watching Cruises in New Harbor

Looking for a great family trip? This is it! Young and old will appreciate this trip. It is just the right amount of time on the water and we never lose sight of shore. It begins as a gentle sightseeing tour following the early morning wake of the lobstermen. As we travel northward, points of interest are shared and we often find the lobstermen hard at work hauling their gear. As we approach Webber’s Dry Ledge, summer home to the Harbor Seals, they are either sunning themselves on the rocks or frolicking in the water around the ledges. The history and biology of our resident population of Seals is explained in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

Sometimes the captains will allow the kids to take a turn at the helm on the return trip to New Harbor. This makes for a fantastic photo opportunity for the parents. We even let the “young at heart” have their turn at the wheel! Over the years we have seen a legion of loyal Seal Watchers. Kids who had to be helped into the Captain’s chair are now in college and some are returning with children of their own. What a joyful and humbling experience this has become for us. This is a wonderful trip not to be missed. Come and begin a family tradition of your own.


  • Harbor Seal: Phoca vitulina
  • Males average 5 1/2 feet and 250 pounds
  • Females average 5 feet and 200 pounds
  • Dive time up to 20 minutes
  • New England population approx. 100,000
  • Covered by 2 layers of coarse thick fur
  • Approx. 2 inches of fat or “blubber” wraps their body
  • Spend more time on land than in the water

ARRIVAL: Please arrive at the dock 45 minutes prior to departure.

BE PREPARED: Dress appropriately. We suggest dressing in layers. Remember the weather on the Maine coast is changeable and can feel quite cold even in the middle of Summer.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring binoculars, camera, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

GALLEY: Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and snacks.

PARKING: Paid lot per day, per vehicle. Credit or cash accepted. $10 per day in May, June, September, and October. $20 per day in July and August. For multiple day and overnight parking, the parking fee is payable upon the first day of parking. Long term rates are available. Parking is located around the corner from the dock in a large grassy field. Upon paying for your parking, you will receive a parking validation. You will need to present your parking validation at the dock to collect your boat tickets. Please feel free to drive down to the dock to unload passengers and luggage before leaving your vehicle in the parking lot. The walk back to the dock is about 5 minutes. During the Spring and Fall, parking is payable at the ticket booth on the dock. The parking lot can accommodate buses, campers, RV’s and trailers.

  • Not hunted in Maine since 1906
  • Protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972
  • Live an average of 20-25 years
  • The famous seal “Andre” from Rockport, Maine, was a harbor seal